Learn Five Simple Mindset Shifts That Will Make You Stand Out On LinkedIn (And Get Leads That Pay More)

Are you looking to connect with potential prospects on LinkedIn? Are you trying to connect with people who could potentially pay you more?

Many people today are benefiting from the explosive power of connecting with high-powered prospects on LinkedIn. But many of these people have the wrong idea about how to really connect with people who matter.

In this training, I will share five simple mindsets that will boost your power on LinkedIn and help you stand out in the way that leverages the LinkedIn community.


About the Instructor

James Bullis, Creator of The MVP Roadmap

I've been using LinkedIn since 2007 and I fell for the same traps that many people fall into. While everyone else thinks that LinkedIn is a place to put your resume, I discovered that the true purpose of LinkedIn is to build your personal brand while giving you the power to connect with the most relevant people.

Since making these five shifts that I am going to share today, I have turned LinkedIn into a platform that can generate business while providing value to the whole community.

Here's What You'll Learn In This Exclusive Online Mini-Course

The Power Of Your Network

LinkedIn is not about collecting connections. It's about connecting with the right people that are looking for value. It's a place to build trust and authority so that you can sell your products and services without really trying.

The Power Of Curiosity

If you want to stand out on LinkedIn, use the power of building intrigue. Your profile on LinkedIn is more than just your resume. I will show you how I use your LinkedIn profile as a landing page that converts.

The Power Of Your Brand

Contrary to popular belief, LinkedIn is not your resume. This is why so many people discount LinkedIn as a social platform. LinkedIn is the only social platform that allows you to highlight your expertise & authority.

Here Are the Five Things James Covers In This Mini-Course


Why You Should Start By Checking Your Settings?

Have you checked your settings to optimize your experience on LinkedIn?


Why You Should Protect Your Network?

I'll share why connecting with everyone isn't the best strategy.


How You Can Build Intrigue?

Instead of using your profile as a resume, learn how to use it like a landing page.


How To Really Complete Your Profile?

Give your ideal prospect something to connect to by completing your profile.


What It Means To Engage On LinkedIn

While everyone else is busy "selling" on LinkedIn, provide value to build trust.

...plus more lessons that will help you attract your ideal customer so you can make an impression that opens up more profitable sales conversations.


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